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In 1962 Maharishi Mahesh Yogi arrived in New Zealand during a world tour and introduced Transcendental Mediation to the country. Shortly thereafter some New Zealanders went to Teacher Training courses offered by Maharishi to learn to be instructors of TM.

Since that time 114 New Zealanders became qualified teachers of Transcendental Meditation and 40,000 New Zealanders have learned TM.

In July of 1976 Maharishi Foundation was established in New Zealand to offer TM and other programmes to develop full human potential. Only Maharishi Foundation, and one affiliated organisation dedicated to educational and health programmes for ladies—offers Transcendental Meditation in New Zealand.

Maharishi Foundation is a non-profit educational charitable organisation registered under the New Zealand Charities Act. The Foundation was incorporated in 1976 with the express purpose of providing courses in Transcendental Meditation in New Zealand as well as other programmes for improving the lives of everyone in the country.

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